Artemis Common Ground (ACG) was founded in 1995 to offer the citizenry of the rural West an alternative vision: that a healthy economy and conserving our natural environment are interdependent, and that by working together we can achieve both. Artemis functions as a facilitator, honest broker, and networker to forge community-based alliances to achieve common ground between the environment and a sustainable economy. ACG is a project of Artemis Wildlife Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt corporation. Its projects include:

A Montana Proposal to the Nation: American Jobs for America's Youth (AJAY):
We propose that every graduate of high school—with at least a year of National Service, paid internship, apprenticeship or college - and every graduate of two-year or four-year college/university, who is ready and able to work, shall be assured of a full-time job opportunity at a living wage. Click here to learn more about American Jobs for America's Youth.

Home Ground Radio (HGR):
Home Ground's guests tell us who they are, what they think, and what they are doing about it. Those diverse stories help us to think more deeply - about what we believe and why. Our guests engage in in-depth conversations about our past, present, and future. We talk about the economy, our religious views, schools, courts, wolves, medicine, the timber industry, conservation, life in prison, life on the farm... We discuss our most serious personal, political, and community values, and our place in the larger world.

We honestly explore conflict and controversy, and at the same time honor our shared values - the often-overlooked "common ground" of diverse community interests. We treat our guests and audience with respect - at times by asking fair but tough questions. Our listeners appreciate hearing differing viewpoints, and care about our shared responsibility as informed citizens of the West, the United States, and the world. On the air more than 20 years, we've done more than 1,000 shows. One listener describes Home Ground as "a cumulative portrait of our culture in transition." We appreciate the compliment. Click here to listen now.

The Montana Forest Restoration Committee (MFRC):
Seeing the potential to develop common ground in national forest management, in 2006, ACG initiated a series of stakeholder meetings and work sessions which led to the formation of MFRC in 2007. Under its auspices, five Forest-specific Working Groups were formed, with members ranging from The Wilderness Society to the Montana Wood Products Association. ACG facilitated the first
year’s sessions for 3 of the 5. The U.S. Forest Service has been an active partner in implementing MFRC-recommended policies and on-the-ground projects. In 2016, MFRC initiated formation of the Montana Collaborative Forest Network, which has 40+ organizational members statewide. ACG is a member of the MFCN’s Advisory Board.

The Montana Neighbor Awards (MNA):
Initiated by ACG in 2006, this annual awards program honors landowners who exemplify the best in good-neighborly relations through conservation-oriented land stewardship, no-fee recreational access, collaborative stewardship and community leadership. Nominees are solicited state-wide, winners selected by an ACG-chaired committee, and the Awards presented personally by Montana’s Governor.

ACG and rancher/legislator Karl Ohs were the catalysts leading to formation of the Madison Valley Ranchlands Group, based in Ennis, Montana. ACG conceived and co-founded Conservation Beef, LLC, a pioneering landscape conservation effort featuring grass-fed beef.

ACG initiated the Montana Agriculture Heritage Project and was a founding member of Grow Montana.